DJI Matrice 200 / 210

DJI strengthens its presence on the professional sector with 3 drones of its Matrix 200 range

These drones are designed for the pros and integrate all the latest innovations of the inspire 2 with a new flight controller, obstacle avoidance, FPV camera and battery redundancy.

The Matrix 200 range is available in three versions:

– M200 equipped with a single nacelle below the drone.

– M210 multiple configuration:

  • single nacelle downwards
  • two nacelles in parallel below
  • a single nacelle above.     
  • additional connectors with multiple ports to support third-party sensors and accessories facilitates inspection of large bridge structures, antennas etc …   
  • Simplified Operation Pilot + Camera Operator
These UAVs are designed for all professionals looking for a drone capable of performing missions in safety and in difficult flight conditions.

-M210 RTK with D-RTK module for:

  • precise navigation to the centimeter high resistance to magnetic interference
  • Ideal for all inspection operations of high voltage lines or telecommunication antennas.