DJI Matrice 600 Pro

The M600 Pro is the most powerful hexa-copter in the DJI range,

Accepting a maximum load of 6 kg it will be the ideal companion of professionals of the video and aerial photography who wish to integrate the most sophisticated cameras of the market.

Notably the Z15 (GH4 and A7) and Zenmuse X (X5R and XT) ranges of DJI.

The drone will be able to integrate the Ronin MX, 3-axis stabilizer of the manufacturer, Various mounting plates exist to accommodate cameras from other manufacturers, please contact us.



A3, new efficient and accurate flight controller : 

This flight controller is capable of automatically adjusting the flight parameters according to the load carried.

It also incorporates intelligent flight modes developed by DJI (Follow-me, Point of Interest and Waypoints) that can be used intuitively

You will be able to upgrade the A3 to the A3 Pro (output expected at the end of May) with the additional GNSS and IMU modules or to install a GNSS D-RTK module for accuracy to the nearest centimeter.

The D-RTK technology also features on the 200 series offers the advantage of resisting magnetic interference emitted by metal structures. These modules are sold separately.


Long-range HD image transmission

DJI’s Lightbridge 2 HD transmission (2.4 GHz) allows you to stream video in 1080p at 60 frames per second to the DJI Go application installed on a mobile or tablet.

This technology offers a high frame rate with an announced range of up to 5km to capture images accurately.

Ideal shooting

This flight platform is perfectly suited for aerial photography.

Optional stabilizers allow you to carry most of the cinema-equipped cameras like RED or ARRI and the Ronin-MX stabilizer that can be remotely integrated.





The retractable gear will allow a perfect 360° without element in the field of view