Long distances, Pipe lines, Power lines, whatever the distance, whatever the sensor, theses drones will cover your needs. The ADSP team is proud to introduce :



The key puprpose of the ALTI Transition is to offer a highly capable, reliable and affordable civil use commercial VTOL (vertical take-off and land) aircraft, which one could actually use every day, unlike the majority of military systems.

The Transition is made from the highest-grade materials, to the highest standards using unique proprietary techniques. Incredibly low weight at only 5.6kg for the entire airframe.




The airframe is completely modular and can be rapidly deployed, from in the case to in the air in under 10 minutes with only two operators required, this along with zero need for a runway or bulky and expensive catapult systems, provides quicker and safer operation, anywhere, any time. The Transition is designed as a hybrid system allowing for a combination of multirotor flight and traditional fixed wing flight, providing the advantages of both aircraft types, the practicality of multirotor flight for take-off and landing, with the efficiency, range and endurance of a fixed wing aircraft.



These features and design values allow for an incredibly low weight system with a maximum take-off weight of 16kg. The payload bay can be tailored and hot-swapped to fit and mount a wide range of cameras, sensors and other equipment.

The system offers great flexibility without limiting the operator or mission scope. Designed to be aerodynamically stable and steady in low speed flight applications the ALTI Transition is designed to cruise at 20m/s.

With a very low stall speed of 13m/s and and incredible endurance of 10+ hours.

The ALTI Transition is designed for civil and commercial use applications.